Our Practice

Why: Our rights as Americans include the freedom of choice. This is also true with healthcare. You should have the freedom to choose who your healthcare provider is based on your desire for a relationship with that individual. This relationship should be based on trust, respect, and dignity. In the past, these traits were what the foundation of medicine was built upon. Frontier Wellness wants to preserve our past while living for our future.

How: We do this by keeping the oath we made as providers to “protect and do no harm,” Giving you control back into your health and decision making. Our relationship does this; we decide together what will be the best path for you and how we can improve your health and manage your illnesses.

What: Frontier Wellness was born out of personal struggles with the existing health care system. We love medicine, and we love helping people achieve their health goals. The current healthcare system, as we know, creates barriers to this care and predetermines your care before you ever step foot into an office. We want to improve the quality of care, decrease complications, decrease hospitalizations, lower patient mortality, decrease system errors, and increase patient satisfaction through transparency, trust, and communication.